Joining Procedures

Radio: "Krugersdorp Traffic"

Frequency: 122.0 MHz

Runway: 08/26 (732m x 29m tar)


Inbound aircraft MUST broadcast on 122.0 MHz when 5 miles inbound and thereafter as appropriate for joining and landing.

Due to FALA TMA extending up from 6500' and to prevent aircraft flying through the circuit North of the field, the following Non-Standard Joining Procedure should be used:

 All aircraft to join overhead the field from the South at 6300' (CCT ht 800')

 Aircraft inbound from the N, to route via Tarlton Petronet Tank Farm at S2604.70' E2738.45' and the Battery Station Silos at S2606.86 E2740.98'.

 Aircraft inbound from W and SW route inbound via the Battery Station Silos.

 Aircraft inbound from E and SE route inbound abeam the West Rand Cons mine dump.

 Aircraft inbound from N-E route just clear of the Western edge of FALA CTR (watch for traffic when passing extended centre line of FAKR RWY 08/26) and join from the South.

For more information refer to See SA AIP - Ref FAKR AD 2.22-3.

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Joining Procedures